Lesson 11-3

Past tense

Look how regular and irregular verbs work!
get -> got
eat -> ate
is -> was
sing -> sang
present tense -> past tense

Irregular verbs

To Be
present – I am, You are, He/She/It is, We are, You are, They are
past – I was, You were, He/She/It was, We were, You were, They were

To Have
present – I have, You have, He/She/It has, We have, You have, They have
past – I had, You had, He/She/It had, We had, You had, They had

To See
present – I see, You see, He/She/It sees, We see, You see, They see
past – I saw, You saw, He/She/It saw, We saw, You saw, They saw

To sing
present – I sing, You sing, He/She/It sings, We sing, You sing, They sing
past – I sang, You sang, He/She/It sang, We sang, You sang, They sang

To Go
present – I go, You go, He/She/It goes, We go, You go, They go
past – I went, You went, He/She/It went, We went, You went, They went

Regular verbs
To Want
present – I want, You want, He/She/It wants, We want, You want, They want
past – I wanted, You wanted, He/She/It wanted, We wanted, You wanted, They wanted

To Like
present – I like, You like, He/She/It likes, We like, You like, They like
past – I liked, You liked, He/She/It liked, We liked, You liked, They liked

To Look
present – I look, You look, He/She/It looks, We look, You look, They look
past – I looked, You looked, He/She/It looked, We looked, You looked, They looked

To Work
present – I work, You work, He/She/It works, We work, You work, They work
past – I l worked, You worked, He/She/It worked, We worked, You worked, They worked

Be careful:
Past tense: yesterday, the day before yesterday, last (week, month, year), a (week, 10 days, month, year) ago
Present tense: now, every day, today

Exercise 12: Take a dictionary and fill in the chart!

want - wanted
eat -
jump -
read -
live -
watch -
cook -
sleep -

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