Lesson 12-1

The legend of Brno dragon at the passage of the Old Town Hall in Brno

Once upon a time, there was a dragon in Brno. People didn’t believe it at first, but when the dragon ate their cattle and poultry, they had to do something. A group of people went up the hill to kill it, but they were so scared that they run away when they saw its lair. So nobody worked in the fields any more, people were afraid to go outside their town. The town mayor asked other towns for help, but nobody came. But one day, a young apprentice butcher visited Brno and asked for news. “You say you have a dragon here?” asked the apprentice.
“Yes, we do,” answered the innkeeper.
“And you say there is a reward?” asked the apprentice again.
“Yes – we want the dragon killed, caught, or away for good,” said the innkeeper. “We will give you one hundred golden coins for it!”
“All right, give me a bull skin and a bag of quicklime and I can do it,” smiled the apprentice.
And so the people gave the apprentice butcher a bull skin and a bag of quicklime. The apprentice took the bag and hid it under the skin. He left it in the grass near the river where the dragon lived, climbed on a tree and watched. Not long after that the dragon came. It saw the bull skin and thought it was some tasty food – and ate it in one big bite. The apprentice saw it and smiled: “Enjoy the meal dragon!” The animal was thirsty after the meal, and wanted to drink. So it went to the river and drank. At that moment the apprentice said “Cheers!” and watched the dragon scream and twist and die. It was the quicklime that killed it. That is how the clever apprentice butcher saved Brno from the dragon and got a hat full of golden coins. If you visit Brno someday, you can see the dragon in the Old Town Hall.

Exercise 1: What do these words mean? Choose

cattle –
poultry –
field –
innkeeper –
apprentice –
butcher –
reward –
quicklime –

Exercise 2: Answer

Who killed the dragon? The .
What animal did he really kill? A .
What was the reward? .
What did the dragon eat at the beginning? and .
What killed the dragon? A bag of .

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