Lesson 9-5

Lucy is in the cinema.
What do you think she is feeling right now?

Feelings - a person can be:
Happy :-), Sad :-(, Angry >:-(, Scared :-O, Afraid of :-|

Exercise 10: Read the story about Lucy and answer the questions.

Lucy likes going to the cinema. Every time she is in the cinema, she eats popcorn. Tonight the film is about big spiders, and Lucy doesn´t like spiders. There is one big spider with eight long legs that jumps up and down. Lucy is scared and throws the popcorn on the ground. Poor Lucy!

Lucy is in the cinema now and she is
Does Lucy like spiders? – , she is of them.
How many legs does the spider have?
Lucy doesn´t have popcorn any more. She is because of that.

Vocabulary - Mood
afraid of

Exercise 11: Complete the sentences. Write.

Are you dark rooms? :-/
Is she because she has got a dog? :-)
Are they because they can´t read a book now? :-(
I am not ! :-O

She is , because she eats chocolate. :-)
Oliver is , because he can´t play football today. >:-(
Emily is spiders. :-|
I am because of that spider over there! :-O

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